GreenPAC: voting for the environment

With the federal election just days away, it’s more important than ever to Vote Smart.

Plan your visit to the 2015 Green Living Show!

1) Taste:
The Mindful Plate: a delicious way to shrink your "foodprint”
An impressive array of Ontario

A Bite-Sized Piece of Research from The University of Guelph

A\J's Winter Holiday Survival Guide

December isn’t always an easy time of year.

Best Eco-Gifts in Hurry!

You made your list and checked it twice, but now you realize there’s one gift you forgot to get. If the thought of heading to a mall at this time of year gives you anxiety, fear not!

Snowy Safaris

Winter's here but you don't need to hibernate! Celebrate wildlife with these family-friendly indoor and outdoor activities.

A New Earth Curriculum

Guy Dauncey’s vision for Earth Literacy

Eco-friendly Aquariums

A splash in the right direction

The Boreal Food Forest

Jo Anne Tacorda explores the role of Canada’s boreal forest in global food security, and efforts to protect the priceless natural resource

Green Roofs in Winter

We know green roofs reduce cooling bills in the summer—but what about winter?

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