GreenPAC: voting for the environment

With the federal election just days away, it’s more important than ever to Vote Smart.

The gift of a greener world

Are you stuck for gift ideas or looking to cut back on shopping? This year, support an eco-charity!

Back to school—the greener way

Go to the head of the class with these 8 eco-smart ideas.

Product Review: Elephant Dung Paper Products

Save wildlife, trees and jobs with a Mother’s Day greeting card made from elephant poop

Product Review: Hybrid Toilet Paper

A mostly recycled toilet paper that saves trees — and it’s as soft as kittens

Product Review: The Safest Sunscreen

Sun safety starts with Canada’s first certified organic all-natural sunscreen

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Read this book to learn the surprising emissions cost of everything from oranges to a Google search to drying your hands

Product Review: Energy Saving Socket

Cut phantom power by plugging cell phones and gadgets into an energy-saving power timer

Product Review: Face Mist

New spray bottle with purified water promises to boost the health of your skin

Organic Cereal Beats Hunger Twice

If ever a cereal featuring chocolate had a chance of making it into our grocery cart, it would be this one.